Requests and Contracts

Requests and Contracts

The “Requests” section displays the test tasks available for execution from the customer.

Executing a Test Task

To perform a test task:

Go to the “Requets” section.

Click the “Execute Test” button

Prepare your answer to the question and record it on video.

Enter the text of your answer to the assignment

Attach a file with your video answer OR add a link to the video.

Optionally, you can attach files with your solution to the problem by clicking on the “+ File” button.

Click on the “Submit Test” button.

★ Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your answer to the test task!

If the customer liked your answer to the test assignment and chose you for cooperation, then the application will be transferred to the “Contracts” section


When a customer has chosen you to collaborate, you will receive a new contract.

You can view current and closed contracts in the Contracts section.

Ending Contract.

To close a current contract:

Go to “Contracts” -> “Current”.

Click on the “End” button. 

★ Congratulations, you have ended your contract. The contract will be placed in “Contracts” -> “Closed”.