Getting started

Getting started

After you have created an application, the RomDo algorithm will suggest to you a list of relevant specialists with whom you can cooperate.

You can open the list of relevant specialists for the current request at the stage of Confirmation of the request OR in the section “Requests”.

To view the list of specialists from the “Requests” section:

1) Go to “Requests” -> “Current”.

2) Click the icon with specialist avatars.

Searching for a relevant specialist

If you think that a certain specialist doesn’t match your criteria, you can hide him/her from the list of offered specialists in this request:

Click on the “Reject” button

If none of the suggested specialists suits you:

Click on the “Find Other Specialists” button

Specialist Profile

In order to see the profile of a Specialist:

Click on the specialist’s avatar or name

Getting started with the Specialist

You can initiate cooperation with the right specialist:

from the list of specialists on the current request;

from the specialist’s profile;

from the specialist’s response to a test request.

To do this:

Click the “Get Started” button on any of those pages.

★ Congratulations, your request has been sent to a developer!

A contract was created on your request in the system. You can find it in the section “Contacts” section-> “Current”.

Sending a test task

You can send a test task to a specialist directly from the specialist list or send it from the specialist profile

To send a test task, select the appropriate specialist from the list and click on the “Send test” button.

★ Congratulations, the test task has been sent to the specialist!

As soon as the specialist has prepared an answer to the test assignment, you will be able to view it.

Viewing the Test Assignment

When the test task has been completed, you will be able to view the specialist’s answers:

Open the list of specialists

Click on the “View Test” button

How do I cancel a test task?

You can cancel a test assignment you have sent to a specialist before they have completed it by doing this:

Select the specialist you sent the test assignment to and click “Cancel Test” in the specialist list or in the specialist’s profile.

Feedback about the developer after testing

After reviewing the test job results, you can leave feedback about the developer:

Click the “Leave Feedback” button.

Give an appropriate rating for each of the questions in the test assignment

Click the “Publish” button

★ Congratulations, your developer review is published!