RomDo is an innovative programmer marketplace with a unique tracker to assess abilities and monitor performance of the remote workers

RomDo project goal

To provide every company with a possibility within one day to hire a programmer, to predict the programmer’s results and track them

Project key advantage

High degree of process automation due to Artificial Intelligence. The product addresses three key challenges faced in case of cooperation with remote programmers

Challenges met

1. Quick selection of top talents

Helping to find promptly the best specialists with the required skills

2. Performance prediction

Providing the possibility to predict the anticipated performance of the programmers in future with the help of Tracker data

3. Quality and performance control

Allowing to track the remote worker performance including automated generation of reports on the project-related work performed by the programmer and sending them to the Client, team leader, and programmer himself for further improvement


Umbrella IT has been in the market since 2009. Initially, the Company provided web and mobile development services with a focus on the international market. In 2017 Umbrella IT expanded its specialization with research activities and its own product development.

Umbrella IT team numbers more than 170 professionals. The Company has successfully completed more than 200 projects for Clients from 18 countries. Umbrella IT is named among TOP 10 IT companies in Russia in 2020 according to Clutch and GoodFirms (Top Russia App Development Companies; Top Russia Web Developers; Top B2B Service Providers in Russia).