Launching Tracker

Launching Tracker

After user logs in to the app for the first time he can start keeping track of their working hours. To do so you must enable the tracker (counter).

  1. Open the app panel. Go to the “Project” tab.

  1. First, select project you would like to work on and then select the task.

  1. It is necessary to enter a description of the task.

Working on a single issue can take a long time, so the description helps the superiors to understand what you are working on. Try to update the description as you work on the task.

  1. Click “History” button to reuse the previous task description.

  1. Click “Start”.

★ You have successfully launched the tracker, now you can keep track of your working time.

Possible problems and solutions:

  • The list of projects is empty.

This means that you were not added to any project. Contact your company administrator or project manager.

  • How do I update my activity information?

In Tracker RomDo, you can switch between projects and tasks without disabling the counter. To do this, simply follow all the steps in the instructions again and at the end click on the “Edit” button.