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Checking the effectivity of the employee

Checking the effectivity of the employee

Tracker RomDo tracks employee activity on the PC and remembers every app used. The project Manager can divide the monitored applications into productive applications (green), unproductive applications (orange), and neutral applications (gray).

Thanks to this monitoring of application usage, the user of Tracker RomDo can see which programs he uses during the working day and how much time he spends in them.

An employee can only view their own effectiveness stats. An Observer or Manager can view the effectiveness of the participants in their projects. The company Administrator can view the effectiveness of any employee.

  1. Go to the “Effectivity” section.
  2. Select the user and project for which you want to see the effectivity stats.
  3. Select the desired date in the calendar. By default, the current date is set.

  1. In the widgets, you can view information about the employee’s effectivity for the selected day.

  1. The “Effectivity Graph” shows how many minutes and in which applications the user spent on the selected day. The column of the chart is equal to one minute and is colored according to the level of efficiency:
  • green – time spent in an effective app;
  • gray – time spent in a neutral app;
  • orange – time spent in an ineffective application.

  1. When you hover over a column in the effectivity graph, a pop-up window displays information about the minute worked: the name of the project, the name of the task, the name of the applications, and the number of seconds spent in the application.

  1. Under the graph, you can see the name of the template that is enabled for the selected user.

  1. Using the “Change Effectivity Settings” button, Manager and Administrator can switch the effectivity settings template. For more information about editing app effectivity settings, look here.
  2. Also on the Efectivity page is a list of applications that the user has worked in. Applications are grouped by effectivity level: effective, neutral, and ineffective. Next to the name is the number of minutes per day spent using the app.