My applications

My applications

How do I create an application?

Fill out a general description of the application;

Fill in the details of the application;

Make a test assignment (if necessary);

Confirm the request.

To create an application, go to the “Applications” section and click on “Create an application”.

General description of the request

Describe your project and specify the expected term of cooperation. All fields must be filled out.

Click on the “Next” button to go to the description of the application details.

Application details

First select the type of development, and then specify the required skills of the employee

Specify the desired hourly rate of the employee in rubles/hour.

All the fields are obligatory.

Click the “Next” button to proceed to making up the test task.


It is possible to create a test assignment before sending a request. You may add up to 5 questions to the task and attach a file with a description to each of them.

This step is optional. Click the “Skip” button to proceed to the confirmation of the application.

Adding a question

To add a question to your application, you must fill out the “Question Subject” and “Question Description” fields.

Select the question subject

Enter a description of the question. You can either type your own question or add a question from the database.

Click on the “Save” button to add all your questions and proceed to the confirmation step.

To add more questions click on the “+ Add question” button

You can attach a file describing your question

Click the “Attach a file” button and select the file to upload in the standard system dialog box

Adding a question from the database

You can use prepared questions on topics from the database, but the description of such questions and the files attached to them cannot be edited. 

Select a question topic and click on the drop-down list with examples of questions on the topic

Select your favorite question and click on the “+ Add Question” button

How do I delete a question?

To remove a question, click on the “Delete Question” button

Click the “Save” button to save your added questions and attachments and proceed to confirm your request


At the confirmation stage you can check the application and, if necessary, return to edit the application.

To view the list of the relevant specialists click on the “View Specialists” button.

Congratulations, your request was successfully created. Now choose a specialist and start working!

You can view, edit or finish your request in the section “Requests” -> “Current requests”.

How to cancel the current request?

If you want to close the current request:

Open the “Applications” section.

Select the desired request on the “Current” tab and click “Close”.