List of qualified candidates in 1 day

RomDo selects for you perfect developers within 24 hours:

  • Load a code sample to be done by a programmer

  • Choose the questions related to the code to be answered by a programmer

  • Receive the video answers of the developers that they gave unprepared

  • Choose the suitable expert and start working

Verified experts only

We guarantee that you will work with an expert in the respective field

RomDo community verifies all specialists before registration

Artificial Intelligence selects the candidates who  fit your project to the maximum

You pay for the hours only that have been worked on your task

Working time logging

The time tracking tool records the hours worked by the worker which is significant when calculating the remuneration

Performance evaluation

The tracker assesses the worker performance

Screenshot recording

Recording the activity allows to check any actions by the worker at a computer

Detailed reporting

The reports on the work performed allow to find out the resources spent on the project