How to get a job order?

Sign up and take a test

To join RomDo system it’s necessary to take an online test to determine the level of your expertise.

Be ready to join a project within 24 hours

If you’re ready to immediately get involved in the project, our AI will recommend you to a Client.

Record and upload video answers

For the Client to be able to assess your level of expertise you are provided with a sample of code and a task. You need to record short video answers up to 10 minutes in total

Guaranteed payment for your work

Guaranteed payment

Your work is insured, so you do not need to worry about the reliability of the Client, RomDo will pay you in any case

Dispute settlement

Service helps to resolve disputes. We evaluate the situation and make a decision based on the information received from the tracker. We are an independent party and are not interested in deciding in favor of any particular party.

Fair pricing

Set cost of your work

Specify your hourly rate taking into account the quick start of work in the project, and we will offer you as candidate to suitable client.

Get weekly pay

Get your money any time you want. Set up the automatic payments transfer or manage it manually.