Recording working hours

AtTrack time tracker

Monitoring working hours

You can find out  how exactly the time is spent within your project. This allows to guarantee the workers’ operational efficiency.

Analyzing operational performance

AtTrack both tracks the total time worked by each team member and performs analysis of the time amount spent for projects and tasks. AtTrack data are absolutely  accurate allowing you to pay the workers based on the time tracked.

Assessing efficiency

Tracking developer’s activity

The time tracker saves screenshots and counts keystrokes and mouse motions

Client feedback

The Client evaluates the quality of the project execution taking into account tracker records, compliance with deadlines and agreements, and communication quality

Skill assessment

RomDo generates the developer skill assessment for each project that is saved in the developer’s profile and has an effect upon the grade, rate and rating

Analyzing project-specific results

RomDo generates the feedback based on the results of each project where the results are assessed by parameters in every professional field and by common skills


Detailed Report on Working Time per Each Task

Get reports specifying the complete information related to your team working activities. Look through the reports on the performed work and find out time and resources spent for specific projects and tasks.

Customize every report to obtain all data required.